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Seaside’s Wellness Center in San Clemente, California is comprised of certified medical professionals trained to transform your body from the inside out. Our newest facility is made up of a state of the art IV infusion center as well as a body studio. Whether you’re rehydrating with an IV infusion or building muscle with Emsculpt Neo, you’ll leave feeling more restored than when you came in. We look forward to seeing you and becoming partners in your wellness journey.

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Start looking and feeling your best! Our IV Infusions are designed with your skin, hair & fitness goals in mind. Pair with our body studio services to tone and sculpt your body for the ultimate in overall health and wellness.

iv infusions

Formulated to provide your body with the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that you need.

Body Studio

The most revolutionary approach to body contouring, sculpting and toning from core to floor.


Designed to increase cognitive function, boost energy & metabolism, enhance DNA repair and reduce pain.



I had such a great IV experience with Jodie at Seaside. She listened to all of my concerns and recommended the coastal cocktail to help with my headaches and fatigue. I woke up the next day feeling so much better and no headache for the first time in days. I am a big fan of Seaside!
Christine H.
Seaside for the win!!! The staff is so friendly and professional. I was recently in their new space to receive a B-12 shot and IV therapy and it was great. I was fortunate enough to have both Molly and Jodie help me because they were so busy with patients coming and going. Relaxing in the massage chair was a nice way to spend my 45 minutes. They even provide wifi!
Adam T.
Molly is so amazing at Seaside Skin Care. I went there because I was about to hop on a 36 hour flight to Africa and I needed some vitamins and hydration asap. They got me in, Molly is so sweet and I felt great after. Thank you so much. I will be back
Lauren S.
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Benefits to IV Infusions

Beauty begins on the inside. Unlike topical treatments, IV vitamin therapy delivers antioxidants directly to the cells that need it, helping them combat the free radicals that contribute to signs of aging and tissue damage. All of our IV treatments are administered by an experienced Registered Nurse, all you have to do is sit back and relax as nutrients and hydration are delivered directly into your bloodstream to give your body what it needs to thrive.

After an IV therapy session, you're likely to start feeling the benefits in a matter of hours. Some of the effects of the treatment may start appearing during your session, including restored energy, rehydration, and a boost in mental clarity.

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Seaside's Wellness Center offers complimentary consultations to discuss your health goals, and how to best achieve them!

IV Infusions with Nurse Molly

What's the deal with NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme present in almost all cells in your body. Its main purpose is to fuel metabolic reactions forward, similar to gas in your car. IV NAD+ therapy may be the light at the end of the tunnel for many people suffering from addiction, age-related diseases, and chronic fatigue.

Here at Seaside's Wellness Center, we've found the best way to administer NAD+ is through a series of IV Infusions. This inserts a high dose of NAD+ straight into your bloodstream, and will give you a faster, more effective outcome. This quickly optimizes your NAD+ levels, which revs up the engine in your cells translating into more energy for you!


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Seaside Skin Care in San Clemente is proud to expand our offerings to include IV Infusions & Body Services including Emsculpt Neo, Emtone & Emsella. At Seaside our approach is simple. Employ the very best nurses and medical estheticians and use high quality products and the latest technological advances in skin and body care. This combination has proven to deliver our patients exceptional results. View our full menu of Injectables, Laser Treatments, Ultherapy, Facial Treatments and More!