rapid recovery iv infusion

rapid recovery

IV Infusion

Replenish, rehydrate and refresh your body after intense physical activity. Restore hydration and electrolyte levels to speed up your recovery with these essential fluids, minerals and vitamins.

Ingredients: vitamin c, b-complex, b-12, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid


what can a rapid recovery iv

do for me?

Restore energy

Decrease muscle spasms or cramps

Replenish lost fluids and electrolytes

Promote faster recovery

Improve muscle recovery

Are IV Infusions the New

Miracle Treatment for Muscle Recovery?

Are you looking for a new way to speed up muscle recovery after a strenuous workout? IV infusions may be the answer you're looking for! Muscle recovery IV infusions help to reduce muscle soreness and accelerate the healing process. Book your free consultation appointment to find if IV infusions for muscle recovery are the right treatment option for you.

rapid recovery


vitamin b complex


Increases metabolism, assists with the absorption of other vitamins, appetite and digestion.

vitamin b-12


Essential for cell growth & helps with fatigue.


Master antioxidant, provides mental clarity & anti-aging.

alpha lipoic acid

Antioxidant, fatigue fighter by breaking down carbohydrates for energy.

vitamin c

ascorbic acid

Potent antioxidant & immunity booster

iv infusion

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what are IV Infusions?

When it comes to muscle recovery, everyone wants to know the best way to recover quickly and effectively after a workout. Many athletes turn to IV infusions as a way to speed up muscle recovery and get back to peak performance faster.

IV infusions are a type of medical treatment in which an IV drip delivers fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes directly into the body. This method of delivery allows for a much higher absorption rate than oral supplements, which means more of the beneficial compounds reach your body more quickly.

The idea behind IV infusions for muscle recovery is that by replenishing your body with the right nutrients, you can help repair damaged tissue and improve your overall well-being. During an IV infusion, you’ll receive a combination of fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals specifically tailored to your individual needs. These can range from essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium, to targeted ingredients such as amino acids and glutathione.

Many athletes also use IV infusion to help manage inflammation, reduce fatigue, and support immune function after workouts. By replenishing the body with what it needs, IV infusions can help promote healing and improve overall performance. If you’re looking for a way to speed up muscle recovery and improve your overall health, consider giving IV infusion a try. It may just be the miracle treatment you’ve been looking for!

what to expect

during your IV Treatment

Meet Our Medical Staff

The first step when you arrive is to meet with our medical staff. Our IV Nurses will perform a quick, confidential consultation and go over any health concerns.

Pick Your IV

Our Nurses will work with you to determine the appropriate IV for you. We offer a wide array of customized IV infusions to provide your body with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

Treatment Begins

During your IV Infusion treatment you will receive 1 liter of balanced-electrolyte fluid and high doses of each vitamin. Treatments last approximately 30-35 minutes.

Feel Better Immediately

You’ll start to feel the positive effects right away as the IV fluids replenish hydration and electrolytes. Most people leave feeling energized and refreshed.

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